Thursday, September 29, 2011

..for someone special..

for someone special
who has made all de difference in my life..

you are the different from anyone
i've ever met before
and yet, somehow, there's something
distinctly familiar about you...

maybe it's in the way,
your eyes laugh so clearly ,
or maybe it has something to do
with the warmth in your heart...

whatever it is, it's a reflection
or your beautiful soul..

i've never known anyone who
understands or cares the way you do
i've been through changes. both good or bad...

and i've came to appreciate 
the world's beautiful people
who keep laughter, love and
hope alive...

you have a great gift
and that gift is yourself..

i'd like to thank you for the choosing 
to share your gift with me.
and though no one person
may be able to change the world..

i want you to know that you have made 
a significant difference in my life,
and i appreciate you.........................................................

Wednesday, April 20, 2011


tin tong!!!

setelah 4 bulan aku tggal baru ade mase nk update..hehe..
haih..mcm2 bnda da jd selama 4 bulan..
pahit macam peria ade..
masam macam cuka ade..
masin macam garam ade..
but de more important manis mcm gula merah pn ade...huhu!!

neway, 2 sume kurniaan dr Allah..

hmmm..umur pn da makin meningkat..tanggungjawab pn da mkin besa..
tp aku x gak besa2..hik2!!
hope aku dapat tunaikan tggungjawab dengan bek..
wish me luck!!

oppss!! exam da nk dekat kn???

tiru aksi ini..hehe..
gdluck tuk sume kengkawan..hope kite sume bejaye k..insyaAllah..

x lupe gak tuk kamu..thanx 4 everything dear!!

see u soon!! :-)

Thursday, December 9, 2010

better late then never cakap to do something that is right , profitable or good a little late
is still better than not doing it at all... so..aku pun akan trus mencuba utk dapatkan yang terbaik..

wish me luck!!!